Sterling and Time Defense L.L.C.


Women’s Only Seminars

Must be 16y of age

Cost:  Donation to The Independence Fund

Your Right To Live ©                                                             

The program is designed for all woman. Wether you are heading off to college, travel, live alone, have children, rent or own a home, have your own business etc..

This will open your eyes to a lot of every day behaviors you tend to neglect in keeping yourself safe.

The Prepared Armed Woman ©

 The Personal, Family and Home Protection Presentation will include information on strategies, tactics and gear for effective personal, family and home defense.This presentation is designed for the female perspective.  The basis of good personal, family and home defense is to create and implement an effective ‘Personal Protection Plan’ based on multiple layers of education, training and activity.  You will be shown how to defend yourself, your family and your home effectively. This is easily done with a solid plan and the gear you might already have or can easily get.

We also offer all our regular courses for women only. 

Moving Our Nation's Severely Injured Veterans Towards Greater Independent Mobility

The Independence Fund believes that for the complete physical and emotional healing of our severely injured Veterans to occur it will take the unified effort of governmental, private and corporate entities all working together towards a common purpose that is bigger than ourselves.


Contact us:

  1. Anthony Deveaux

  2. (507)261-5050